Career Center

The IPC Career Center was created to provide a range of programs, events and services that support the students and graduates in career exploration, planning and holistic development.

We help students and graduates identify goals and career paths, expand alternatives and possibilities, take action commitments, and develop effective tools and strategies for the process.


We carry out the following programs, activities and resources:

Preparedness Program for Integration in the Labor Market

Aimed at 3rd year students.


Career Development and Acceleration Program

Intended for graduates attending masters or postgraduate courses.


Individual Assistance

We do career coaching sessions for students and alumni.



We held workshops on various issues of soft skills development and professional marketing.



We offer various content to support the structuring of professional marketing tools.

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"Trilhos" Program

At the pilot project stage, available only to a portion of the institution's students, this is a pilot program for undergraduate students.

It provides a first proactive approach to exploring career options and job market knowledge / knowledge while supporting the development of an individual and annual action plan that will help the student to take full advantage of all academic activities .

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A successful professional, takes over the management of your career!

Thus, we support our students and alumni to design and design their careers proactively and in line with purpose, competencies, interests and values.



The Career Center IPC aims to promote career planning and development by supporting its students and graduates to realize their professional potential by creating a space for the development of core competencies for career management.