First, with origin in the Instituto Comercial e Industrial de Coimbra, later Instituto Comercial, the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração | Coimbra Business School (ISCAC) was created in 1976 and incorporated in the Polytechnic of Coimbra in March, 1988.

Dedicated to business sciences, ranging from management to marketing, accounting to auditing, secretariat to information systems, solicitor training to public administration, ISCAC particular training structure conveys the atmosphere of a real business school: Coimbra Business School.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Coimbra Business School | ISCAC welcome all the students to its study halls. The concept is “a school always open to knowledge sharing and new ideas”.

This openness can also be felt at the relationship with the labour market which, besides the work carried out by the Gabinete de Estágios e Saídas Profissionais (Career Opportunities and Internships Cabinet) divulging job vacancies, is assured by its 4 dynamic laboratories: TecLab (dedicated to technologies and information systems), TaxLab (dedicated to tax matters), WorkLab (dedicated to labour law), and PolLab (dedicated to market research). Along the same lines, several research projects are being developed relating to the community through the entrepreneurial fabric, in Business Management and Management Information Systems. Furthermore, its strategy of «an Institute dedicated to careers» reflects on post-labour schedule classes, adapted to student workers.

This Institute does not assume an exclusive academic and business-like attitude, showing a special concern about cultural activities such as literary circles, workshops, art exhibitions and concerts. This social concern can also be experienced in the support offered to the students.