The Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra (Coimbra Education School) (ESEC), a recent institution but with an ancient heritage, was created and incorporated in the Polytechnic of Coimbra in 1979. Its educational activities began in 1987, with Pre-school Education, and Portuguese/French and Musical Education emphases of the primary education teacher training programmes.

Today, ESEC covers areas of study not only dedicated to education, but also to social sciences and applied business sciences, as well as arts. Basically, ESEC is a learning and living space with coexisting and diverse subject areas, each contributing in a very special way to the School dynamics.

ESEC programmes are essentially multidisciplinary― as a parallel of the complexity which characterises our current professional activity ―, practical and vocational, leading to the high levels of success of its graduates’ employability in the labour market.

The systematic investment in the academic staff, the establishment of cooperation protocols with the community, national or foreign national (which comprise more than 300, annually), the offer of specialised and post-graduate training and international mobility programmes for students and academics, reflect the growth and endeavour of this School in the promotion of continuous improvement and quality teaching.