Merit scholarships

Created by the former Ministry of Education in 1998, the merit scholarship is an incentive to distinguish the best students and stimulate students’ commitment, ultimately aiming at the consolidation of quality higher education.

It is a cash benefit, of fixed amount, destined for CTeSP, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree students showing exceptional academic progress and corresponds to an annual value equal to five times the value of the minimum monthly wage in force at the beginning of the corresponding academic year.

To be awarded a merit scholarship the student must meet all of the following conditions:

- Successfully complete all study Plan curricular units of the corresponding academic year;

- The Grade Point Average of the curricular units’ grades referred to in the previous point cannot be less than Very Good (16).

The legal and statutory authority of each higher education institution shall proceed to the selection of students to whom a scholarship is awarded.

More information available on the Regulation for merit scholarships award Higher Education Institutions Students.

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