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What is a CTeSP

CTeSP - Curso Técnico Superior Profissional (Higher technician and vocational course) is a non-degree higher study cycle, leading to a Higher Technician and Vocational Diploma. It consists of short-term training (2 years) which awards a level-5 qualification of the National Qualifications Framework and 120 credits.

CTeSP are constituted by a set of curricular units organized in general training, scientific, technical training and work-related training components, the latter taking place in a work placement during the last semester and ensured the Polytechnic of Coimbra.

CTeSP students are entitled to request a scholarship.


CTeSP target-audience

Applicants to CTeSP may be:

- Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;

- Students who have been approved in the older-than-23 exams, specially designed to assess the capacity for higher education attendance;

- Students who, having been approved in all courses of years 10 and 11 of a secondary education course, or legally equivalent qualification, and not having completed the secondary education course, are deemed eligible through a capacity assessment to be carried out by the higher education institution - if admitted, these students shall attend a supplementary training plan, ranged between 15 and 30 credits (one or half-semester);

- The holders of a technological specialisation diploma, a higher technician and vocational diploma or a higher education degree, with the purpose of their professional requalification.


Ranking and placement

The ranking criteria for access to the CTeSP of the Polytechnic of Coimbra are established, duly approved and disclosed by this higher education institution.

The placement of the applicants in each institution/programme pair is made by descending order of the ordered list resulting from the ranking criteria, and IPC shall establish the tiebreaker rules between the candidates.

 Circular no. 13603/2014, 10 November, approves the regulation of access and entrance to IPC Higher Education Technical and Vocational Programmes.


Access to Higher Education

The holders of a higher technician and vocational diploma may, if they wish, apply and enter in a Bachelor's degree or integrated Master's degree study cycle through the special tender.


The submission of the application to Bachelor's degree - 1st study cycle in the schools/institutes that integrate IPC depends on approval of a specific test organised by this institution.

The students who completed their CTeSP may be exempted from sitting the referred test if, cumulatively:

- they have completed the CTeSP in IPC;


- have been approved, under the scope of CTeSP training, in courses related to the specific entrance exam, with the appropriate grade for progression in the intended Bachelor's degree study cycle.


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