I am a student

Can I change institution/course pair in the same academic year in which I entered higher education?

The change of institution/course pair is not allowed in the academic year in which the student has been placed in a higher education institution/course pair under any access and admission regime and has matriculated and enrolled.


May I cancel my enrolment?

Yes, when requesting the cancellation of the enrolment, for those registered in the 1st year, for the 1st time, the training carried out in a previous moment to the request of cancellation will not be considered in the student’s pathway, in case he/she attends higher education, nor will be able to request the re-entry in the course.


May I withdraw my registration?

Yes, the student can request to withdraw the registration without losing the enrolment. In this situation the training undertaken within the course will be considered in the student’s pathway, should he or she attend higher education again.


I withdrew the registration or cancelled the enrolment, do I have to pay tuition fee?

Yes, the student is obliged to pay the tuition fees according to the date of the application for cancellation or withdrawal as established in the current IPC’s Fee Regulation.


Does the withdrawal from the course give rise to a refund of the tuition fee paid?

No, the amounts paid are not refundable.


What are credits?

Crediting is understood as the recognition of training, professional experience, with the consequent attribution of the corresponding credit units (ECTS) in a study plan of a course taught at the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra under the terms of the applicable legislation.

Consult the Regulation here.


May I enroll at IPC on a part-time basis in an undergraduate course?

Yes, according to the Academic Regulation of the 1st study cycle of IPC, it is understood as part-time enrolment to enrol, in each academic year, up to 45 ECTS of the total number of ECTS that can be enrolled in that academic year.


When registering/enrolling in a degree course, can I choose between part-time and full-time or vice-versa?

Yes, you must make the option between the two schemes in Inforestudante.


I am enrolled part-time. How much is the tuition fee?

The fee payable by the part-time student is a percentage of the fee set for the full-time student:

30% if the student has enrolled up to and including 15 ECTS;

50% if the student is enrolled between 15 ECTS (exclusive) and 30 ECTS (inclusive);

70% if the student is enrolled between 30 ECTS (exclusive) and 45 ECTS (inclusive);


What methods of payment of tuition fees are there?

Tuition fees can be paid:

In one lump sum, upon enrolment or registration, in the total amount set or in instalments, in accordance with the IPC Fees Regulation in force.


Do I have to pay the first monthly fee at the time of enrolment and/or registration?

Yes, the enrolment/registration implies the payment of the first monthly tuition fee.


What is a debt settlement plan? Who can access it?


It is an agreement signed between the interested party and the Higher Education Institution, where the payment of the debt by fees is foreseen, in equal, monthly and successive instalments, according to the Fees Regulation in force.

National and international students enrolled and registered in degree conferring and professional superior technical courses at the IPC may access this regularization plan.


I have unpaid fees. Can I ask for certificates, diploma or degree letter?

Certificates may not be issued for curricular acts of academic years in which the fees have not been settled, without prejudice to the situations expressly provided for by law.

Diplomas and letters of degree shall not be issued to students who, at the date when they request them, are in debt for fees related to the course or study cycle to which they refer, without prejudice to the situations expressly provided for by law.


I have graduated from IPC and wish to apply for Master’s degree in this institution. Do I have to pay the application fee?

No, students who obtained their degree and continue their studies at IPC are exempt from this fee.


How do I apply for the grant for Higher Education students? Where do I get access credentials?

The application for a grant is submitted exclusively online, through the BeOn platform, available here.

More information on this story HERE.

If you are already attending higher education but have never applied for a grant, you should apply for your credentials at the Social Services or Social Action Office of your higher education institution.

If you have already applied for a grant through the BeOn platform in a previous school year, you can use your credentials (they are still active) directly through your personal page at https://www.dges.gov.pt/wwwbeon/.


In case of doubt regarding the grant who should I contact?

The students of the Polytechnic of Coimbra have a vast support network at their disposal. The social assistants of the IPC’s Organic Teaching Units offer opening hours to support all issues related to grants.

Consult contacts HERE


How to apply for student worker status?

The student worker status is applied for through the Academic Management platform Inforestudate.


I am a working student. Can I apply for a grant?

Yes, however, you should bear in mind that your income will be a factor in the assessment.


I am a master’s student. Can I apply for a grant?

Yes, as with the bachelor’s degree, the master’s student can apply for a grant.


What is the Diploma Supplement?

It is a complementary document to the diploma that:

-describes the Portuguese higher education system and its framework in the education system at the date of the diploma;

-characterizes the institution that provided the education and that conferred the diploma;

-characterizes the training undertaken (degree, area, access requirements, normal duration, level) and its goal;

-provides detailed information on the training carried out and the results obtained.

It is a bilingual document, written in Portuguese and English. It has an informative nature, does not substitute the diploma and does not prove the title of the qualification to which it refers.

All 1st cycle courses taught in the Teaching Units of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.


I am an international student applicant. Does IPC have an application support office?

Yes, IPC has an office to support international student applications. Find out more here.


The frequently asked questions (FAQs) listed above do not dispense with consulting the information available on the DGES and IPC websites and all legislation in force.


Contacts of the Academic Services of IPC’s Schools are available here.