Bachelor in Bioindustry Management

Course Objectives

The fundamental purpose of this degree is to train professionals that combine the domain of management methods and techniques with a strong background in biosciences and the knowledge of biotechnological processes, so they can have a career in bio-based industries, organization of bio-economy supporting and research centres. Another objective is to enable trainees to develop different social skills and attitudes, such as the ability of oral and written communication, group work, and social and environmental responsibility. The aim is also that students are capable of solving issues whose complexity requires a multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach, such as define and implement projects that focus on biological resources. Students who obtain and disclose leadership skills can achieve positions in the management and bio-based industries, and can create their own jobs.
The cycle of studies is organized in six curricular semesters (180 ECTS) and ends with the realization of a final project. For semester, the student makes a total of 30 ECTS.

Access Conditions

One of the following exams: (02) Biology and Geology or (04) Economics or (16) Mathematics. Minimum Grades: Application Grade: 95 points; Admission exams: 95 points; Calculation Formula: High School average: 65%; Admission exams: 35%.
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Professional Outlets

Service Companies, State Entities, Scientific and Development Research Institutions, Biological Based Industries, Development of New Materials and Products, Environmental Management and Bioenergies. Other areas of research and professional activity involving professionals with solid training in management, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and environmental sciences.

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Learning Language


Learning Objectives

Contributes to train professionals with: (a) a strong basic education in Business Sciences and Biosciences, and within these, of Business Administration, Biology and Biochemistry and Biotechnological Processes; (b) integrated knowledge of various issues in the field of technology, production processes, ecosystems, design and sustainability; (c) ability to apply computational techniques; (d) the functioning of sustainable economies, together with the domain of management methods and techniques; (e) systemic view of the bio-resources industry. It should also sensitize students to lifestyles change, promote recycling and sustainable development. It should promote an attitude of continuous learning, critical thinking and capacity to seek alternative and integrated solutions.

Access to Superior Studies

Second cycle of studies (Master’s degree).

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Bioquímica 30007530 6 1
Introdução à Gestão 30007559 6 1
Informática Aplicada 30007565 6 1
Matemática 30007524 6 1
Biotecnologia 30007541 6 1
Estatística 30007576 6 2
Marketing 30007587 6 2
Fundamentos de Biorecursos 30007603 6.5 2
Economia 30007598 6 2
Introdução à Bioengenharia 30007614 5.5 2