Master in Inland Tourism - Education for Sustainability

Course Objectives

1. Providing an extension of the training of the University Degrees – UD in Companies of regional intervention, in Institutions of Public Administration that are responsible for development of tourism destinations 2. Encouraging students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, promoting the ability to innovate as regards the emerging inland tourism destination products 3. Developing human resources and in teaching in Tourism in order to overcome the existing needs of the UD in economically disadvantaged areas 4. Stimulating the interest in Touri. research acquisition of knowledge and techniques to be applied in intervention projects to promote local progress 5. Offering students a specialization in the planning of destinations in Inland Tourism 6. Promoting an Integrated Development of Inland Tourism, bearing in mind the features of the territory and its potential 7. Developing a practically-based teaching methodology through participating in projects of local and regional intervention.

Access Conditions

1 – Can apply for this cycle of studies: a) Holders of a Graduate degree or legal equivalent, conferred by a national higher education institution in the area of this cycle of studies or in a related area; b) Holders of a foreign higher degree, conferred following a 1st cycle of studies, organized according to the principles of Bologna by a State adhering to this Process, in the area of Tourism and/or Hospitality, Management, Geography or related areas; c) Holders of a foreign higher academic degree, which is recognized, by the ESEC technical-scientific council, as satisfying the objectives of the Graduate degree, in the areas referenced above; d) Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by the ESEC Technical-Scientific Council as attesting to the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies. 2 – The recognition referred to in sub-paragraphs b), c) and d) of No.1 only has the effect of accessing to this study cycle, not conferring to its holder the equivalence to a Graduate degree or its recognition as a Graduate degree.

Professional Outlets

The Masters in Inland Tourism will have as main professional opportunities: 1- Planning and development of inland tourist destinations; 2 – Municipalities / Tourism Department – Integrated Product Management and Inland Destinations in each municipality; 3 – Associations for the development of integrated management of resources; 4- Coordination Commissions of the different Regions NUTs 2; 5- Administration / Management of project coordinating associations in low density territories; 6- Natural Parks – Management and organization of tourist activities and animation; 7- Management of Rural Tourism Units; 8- Innovation in emerging tourism products and adapted to the challenges of markets imposed b yinland tourist destinations.

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Learning Language


Learning Objectives

1) Acquiring skills in considered to be strategic domains for a future intervention as regards de development of Inland Tourism in Portugal (domain that is not comprehended by any training level in the Tourism Sector, in Portugal). 2) Organizing touristics projects of structural value to developing Inland Regions. 3) Promoting skills as regards the organization of small and medium enterprises, considered to be responsible for the improvement of local development. 4) Developing skills that promote wise attitudes toward the integrated development of the regions, and taking the endogenous and exogenous resources into account. 5) Promoting the interest in establishing partnerships between tourism enterprises, which might encourage the development of Inland Tourism in order to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability of the territories.

Access to Superior Studies

The Master Diploma in Inland Tourism – Education for Sustainability grants qualification to continue studies in a PhD Degree.

Course Coordinators

Common Core

Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Professional Training 21001826 60 N.A.