Portuguese Sign Language Degree

Course Objectives

The degree in Portuguese Sign Language aims to train Portuguese Sign Language / Portuguese Language Interpreters and prepares students to access the Master in Portuguese Sign Language Teaching that qualifies for teaching. This course thus responds to Law no. 89/99, 5th of July and Dec. Law no. 54/2018, 6th of july. The graduation aims that future professionals may act in various contexts. In what concerns interpreting branch it is intended to prepare future interpreters to perform their functions at schools, conferences and media. The articulation with internal services such as ESEC TV and external institutions, such as deaf associations and reference schools, enable effective scientific and practical training. Students can also choose curricular units designed for the design of bilingual materials, reflection on the History of Portuguese Sign Language and inclusive education that aim at a careful preparation to apply to the Master in Portuguese Sign Language Teaching, an essential condition for training future Portuguese Sign Language teachers, according to Dec. Law no. 16/2018, 7th of March. In this case, students will develop a project work in close articulation with the Portuguese Sign Language Teaching contexts, so that they can previously know their future profession reality.

Access Conditions

Access to the course is through the following schemes:
a) National Acess Application (for candidates with a course of secondary education or equivalent degree);
b ) Special Applications (for candidates who fulfill the conditions issued in Decree 393 -A / 99 of 2 October);
c ) Special Applications (for candidates with: Above 23 years old candidates Evidences, college graduates and Technological specialization courses – CET);
d ) Change of Degree/Institution.

The specific evidence required for access to the degree are one of the following:
(12) History of Culture and Arts ; (11) History; (18) Portuguese

Professional Outlets

Portuguese Sign Language Interpreter in educative context, media, health and other diferent contexts where the aceccibility between deaf people to assets and services.
Acess to the Master in Teaching in Portuguese Sign Language (in the terms of dec. Lei nº16/2018, 7 of march which created the recruting code 360 to LGP Teacher).

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Learning Language

Portuguese Sign Language/ Portuguese

Learning Objectives

1 – To consolidate knowledge in theory and practice for the use of the Portuguese Language.
2 – To be able to distinguish characteristics and marks of written communication.
3 – To use techniques and strategies of written expression.
4 – To identify, to analyse and to correct mistakes and difficulties in the writing contexts.

Access to Superior Studies

The Diploma in Portuguese Sign Language grants qualification to continue studies in a Master Degree.

Course Coordinators

Common Core