Training cinep

Training initiatives – Training and awareness initiatives (short courses, workshops, lectures, seminars) can be internal or requested directly by teachers/organic units of the IPC. The themes may be focused on pedagogical issues, research and communication skills and teachers’ personal and professional development.

Moodle – CINEP provides entirely virtual and free courses for teachers through Moodle platform. The courses are held in Portuguese and are aimed at the entire Portuguese-speaking community.

MOOC – Since October 2020, CINEP coordinates the course Current Approaches in Higher Education. This is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with 14 open access modules, the first of its kind offered by this institution, aimed at teachers, researchers in higher education with an interest in deepening their pedagogical training.
The course takes place online, on the LMS Canvas platform, is freely accessible and can be attended at an individualised pace and aims to update or deepen the pedagogical training of teachers and researchers.
Each participant can choose the modules, resources and activities that suit them best, with a view to context-focused teaching in higher education in Portuguese-speaking countries. The modules include topics such as research-based teaching, online learning, curriculum planning, assessment, collaborative learning and professional well-being, and final certification can be obtained by completing 6 modules.
Being the first course held in Portuguese language on the LSM Canvas platform, it results from a collaboration with Australian universities adapted to the Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking countries reality of the MOOC Contemporary Approaches to University Education, coordinated by Kym Frazer. Several lecturers from the Polytechnic of Coimbra collaborated in the production of the Portuguese version.

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