Computational Intelligence

Base Knowledge

Approval in the curricular units of:

– Análise Matemática;

– Programação Orientada a Objetos;

– Introdução à Inteligência Artificial;

– Conhecimento e Raciocínio.

Teaching Methodologies

The course includes theoretical and practical lectures. The theoretical lectures present the methodologies and examples of applications to case studies. Practical classes focus on the implementation of algorithms and give support to the resolution of a project and seminar. Students are evaluated based on two components, Theoretical (10 points) and Practical (10 points). The theoretical component is assessed through a written examination. The evaluation of the practical component is performed through two practical works and a research work (seminar):
Practical Assignment 1 – Case Study analysis and application of neural networks (2 points)
Practical Assignment 2 – Development of an application incorporating CI algorithms to solve a real problem (5 points)
Seminar – Research work (3 points)

Learning Results

This course presents the main paradigms of Computational Intelligence (CI), including neural networks, fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy systems and new paradigms of evolutionary computation.
By the end of this course, students should be able to:
–   Identify the main paradigms and algorithms of CI;
–   Analyze a real word problem, identify its main characteristics and apply the correct algorithms
–   Recognize the advantages and limitations of the different algorithms
–   Justify the main options taken during the development of the algorithms
–   Develop in an autonomous way new strategies for a real world problem from different fields: Finance, Web- Mining, Robotics, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Control Systems, etc…


1.   Introduction to Computational Intelligence – Paradigms and Applications
2.   Advanced Topics of Neural Networks
3.   Advanced Topics of Fuzzy Systems
4.   Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
5.   Evolutionar Computation and Collective Intelligence
5.1   PSO – Particle Swarm Intelligence
5.2   ACO – Ant Colony Optimization
6 Applications (Finance, Web-Mining, Robotics, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Control Systems)

Curricular Unit Teachers