Foreign Language – English

Base Knowledge

Knowledge of English of A2 level, at least. Interest in discussing topics of current interest.

Teaching Methodologies

Classroom work will be based on the reading and comprehension of texts, watching of films, grammar and vocabulary exercises, in addition to the discussion of topics and themes related with or of interest to the students’ cultural enrichment. A number of written exercises will also be assigned, as well as reading and research tasks. Active participation in class is encouraged.
The students are given the choice between continuous evaluation (one written test and participation in class) and final evaluation (written examination). Participation in class is valued at 30%.

Learning Results

– Developing the oral and written skills in English required to reasonaly communicate in a professional or social context
– Mastering complex syntactic structures through the reading and comprehension of oral and written texts
– Increasing the use of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries when studying the contents and researching for information
– Expanding general lexicon with a view to communicating in a more fluent way
– Becoming familiar with world issues, notable environmental, political and social
– Achieving level A2-B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Creating an extensive lexical inventory and consolidating basic grammar structures. The vocabulary study and expansion will focus particularly on issues providing general knowledge, such as social and environmental issues, and world news and politics. Reference to the UK and Commomwealth and the different varieties of English. Reading material taken from newspapers, magazines, websites and books will be provided to the students.
Reading: Pronunciation, skimming, meaning in context
Speaking: Expressing one’s opinion, interacting verbally, discussing given topics
Writing: Rephrasing, translating, summarising
Lexicon: Synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms, word formation, irregular plurals
Grammar: Tense revision (present, past and future time), prepositions, adjectives and adverbs, gerunds and infinitives, countable and uncountable nouns.

Curricular Unit Teachers

Grading Methods

  • - exam - 100.0%
Continuing Evaluation
  • - written test - 70.0%
  • - class participation - 30.0%




MACMILLAN’s English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

LONGMAN’s Dictionary of English Language and Culture

REDMAN, Stuart – English Vocabulary in Use, Intermediate, CUP
VINCE, Michael – Intermediate Language Practice, MacMillan

SWAN, Michael and Catherine WALTER – How English Works, Oxford

HARRAP’s English Thesaurus

Reading material will be provided.

MACMILLAN’s Phrasal Verbs Plus