Human Resources Management in the Organizations

Base Knowledge


Teaching Methodologies

The teaching methods used will be: theoretical presentations of the proposed themes, practical exercises and case studies.

The evaluation will respect the rules established: the students must choose one of two types: frequency or final exam.

The frequency evaluation includes two written tests. To calculate the final grade, each test has a weighting factor of 50%. The final exame will be a written test (100% of the final grade)

Learning Results

1-Know the main concepts of human resources management

2 -Understand the strategic importance of the human factor in building the quality and competitiveness of organizations

3 – Know and understand key processes and dynamic relationship between people and organizations.

4 – Know and use the main methods and techniques in human resources management


1-Human Resource Management

1.1 – The historical evolution of the concept and practices

1.2 – The organization’s strategy and strategic management of human resources

2 – Job Analysis

3 – Recruitment and selection

4 – Organizational socialization

4.1 – Organizational Culture

4.2 – Strategies for socialization

5 – Linking person-organization (commitment, psychological contract, organizational justice)

6- Managing and appraising performance

7 – Compensation

8 – Career Development

Curricular Unit Teachers

Grading Methods

  • - test - 100.0%
Continuing Evaluation
  • - Test - 50.0%
  • - Test - 50.0%




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