Internship / Project

Base Knowledge


Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit is divided between tutorial activities and independently take activities by the student. The fundamental aspects and responsabilities of each party are defined in the proper Regulation for Internship / Project.

The assessment includes the elaboration and public defense of a report wich corresponds to the final evalution on this curricular unit. In the beginning of this curricular unit, it must be defined the steps to prepare de final report, the intermediate deliverables for evalution are defined.

The report is presented to a jury, responsible for awarding the final grade. The supervisor qualitative assessment is taken into account,

Learning Results

The student should be able to develop an industry applied project that can integrate knowledge, skills, competences, and behaviors obtained throughout the course of study.

Students shall know how to develop an integrated project with all its components, from conception to implementation plan and, if appropriate, the implementation itself. Students should know how to support the proposed solutions.


The interneshios lasts at least 12 weeks in an public or private organization, listed or proposed by the student or by the school, through the Office of Internship and Career. The internship takes place in Portugal or abroad, integrated into Erasmus mobility program for internships.

In the project modality it is not defined a minimum duration.

Orientation is done by professors in charge and, in the case of the functional responsibility in the intervention field. The work plan is defined in close coordination between the professor-supervisor and the host organization.

Grading Methods

Internship Defense
  • - The evaluation integrates the elaboration and public defense of a reasoned report that corresponds to the final grade of this Curricular Unit - 100.0%




O aluno deve recorrer à bibliografia utilizada nas restantes unidades curriculares do curso que seja relevante para a planificação, execução do projecto, assim como para a redacção do seu relatório.