Inglês C1 | 60 horas | regime E-learning

Métodos de Ensino

1. Communicative approach: the objective is to create a relaxed environment in which students are encouraged to develop language without inhibitions. Correction can be provided at appropriate junctures (teacher shares google slides/docs on a needs basis) in order to provide correct models of target language.


2. Students may expect to complete short Kahoot! quizzes at various points during the semester to consolidate learning through gameification; thus boosting students’ confidence whilst taking the stress out of testing.


3. The teacher will provide a middway-point and end-of-semester assignment for the students (details yet to be decided upon). Example: short presentation.


4. Writing: short written assignments will be assigned and submitted to Write & Improve tool (cambridge): provides reliable and fast correction guides for teachers; provides the students with an easy-to-use and uniform way to submit and track written tasks. Students can track feedback and make improvements.

Resultados de Aprendizagem

Speaking: An emphasis on getting the students to use acquired language confidently and develop speaking skills further.

Grammar goals: to introduce students to a range of new grammatical structures to aid fluency, and to heighten their awareness of formal / informal modes of speech; to practice more complex verb forms.

Vocabulary: to expand students’ vocabulary while focussing on idioms, synonyms, phrasal verbs, and collocations.

Pronunciation: provide practice with pronunciation of difficult sounds; to heighten awareness of natural rythyms of speech; to expose students to colloquial speech and a variety of native English accents.

Reading goals: to develop students’ ability to read for gist, detail, and inference; to encourage independent learning by arousing interest in authors who write in more direct and simplistic language.

Listening: to develop Ss’ ear for every-day/colloquial speech through introducing a variety of audio/audiovisual content with supporting subtitles.


1. Unit 1-5 of English File 4th Edition (C1) will be used as a loose guide for lesson plan coherence; content from this syllabus will also be used to support learning objectives – the listening/reading activities, grammar exercises and videos are very good from the Classroom Presentation Tool, which can be shared via Zoom.

2. Free e-learning lesson plans (to google slides) from ESL Brains website: ESL Brains provide comprehensive and compelling, level-appropriate lesson plans.

3. interactive (free) lesson plans will also feature to support learning outcomes.

4. Free online exercises from Cambridge and British Council websites to support grammar-based lessons.




1. English File 4th edition Advanced Classroom Presentation Tool (CEFR C1) Author: Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden, Jerry Lambert, Kate Chomacki with Amanda Begg.