Bachelor in Marketing and International Business

Course Objectives

The bachelor degree in marketing and international business (M & NI) places its emphasis on professional
training geared to the market of transational goods. Labor markets are the preferred industry of new technologies, companies related to health services and even companies that are organized on a global scale or are partners in international networks.

Access Conditions

Secondary school or equivalent and one of the following exams: Mathematics (16) or Economics (04) or Geography (09)
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Professional Outlets

Coordination of Marketing and Communication Offices
Coordination of External and International Relations Offices
International Business Management
   Commercial management

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

We seek to give our graduates an effective response to two types of fundamental needs: (1) improving skills in specific areas of marketing and international business, which will improve the positioning in the labor market, (2) strengthening their own personnel skills, which could enhance the release of the careers of their subjects, particularly in the areas of communication, strategy and negotiation.

Access to Superior Studies

The graduate degree allows the students to apply for Post-graduate

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Business English II 51000838 5 1st S
Financial Mathematics 50004224 5 1st S
Integrated Marketing Communications 50007109 5 1st S
Marketing Planning and Control 50007073 5 1st S
Statistics 50007191 5 1st S
Strategic Marketing 50007152 5 1st S
Distribution and Retail Marketing 50007247 5 2nd S
Innovation Management and New Product Development 50007270 5 2nd S
International Finance 50007461 5 2nd S
International Marketing 50001358 5 2nd S
Services Marketing 51000890 5 2nd S
Opção 2º ano
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
B2B Marketing 50007393 5 2nd S
Social Marketing 50007530 5 2nd S

Curricular Year: 3
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
International Business Management 50007439 5 1st S
International Logistics 50007483 5 1st S
Market Research 50001077 4 1st S
Marketing Game 50007494 5 1st S
Principles of International Taxation 51000849 5 1st S
Relationship Marketing 51000851 6 1st S
Ethics and Professional Duties 51000873 5 2nd S
International Economics 50007513 5 2nd S
Internship 51000862 6 2nd S
Web marketing and e-commerce 50007450 5 2nd S
Opção 3º ano
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Datamining for CRM 51000884 4 2nd S
Forecasting Methods 50001040 4 2nd S