Oliveira do Hospital

The city of Oliveira do Hospital is home to the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic of Coimbra (ESTGOH) and is located on the foothills of Serra da Estrela. Below are the main attractions of the city to be enjoyed by students and visitors.

There are many examples of religious architecture in the city that can be visited, such as the Great Church of Oliveira do Hospital, which has the exaltation of Santa Cruz as its title. The parochial church of a single nave, with a painted wooden ceiling, preserves three chapels as a whole: Capela dos Ferreiros (14th century), Capela de S. Brás e Senhora da Piedade (16th century) and the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Expectação (18th century). In the churchyard is one of the largest linden trees in the country, if not the largest centennial tree of this species in Portugal, with more than 25 metres in height and almost 7 metres in circumference.

Oliveira do Hospital also has an interesting historical heritage to discover. The Roman Ruins of Bobadela, one of the most important and well preserved architectural sets of archaeological value from the Roman period in Portugal. The Castle of Avô and the dolmens of Arcaínha, Sobreda or Curral dos Mouros and Pinheiro dos Abraços also stand out.

On warmer days, be sure to visit the Alvôco das Várzeas River Beach, which is located near the medieval bridge of Alvôco das Várzeas (16th century), with a magnificent view of Serra da Estrela. In this area there are green spaces and leisure facilities available.

This region produces the famous Queijo da Serra, made with Serra da Estrela sheep’s cheese, which you must try.