+Social: OpenSourse platform of support services to higher education students


The project to develop and implement an open-source framework of support services for higher education students, called +Social, presented in consortium, aims to develop an innovative project at national and international level, that will allow to revolutionize not only the way the relationship with students is managed in terms of social support in higher education, but also to introduce a new approach to the creation and management of information systems for public administration, based on the latest trends in software development and management.
In the current context of a society increasingly centred on information and knowledge, the dichotomy between the growing importance of this type of services and the quality and efficiency of the Social Services’ management processes becomes even more evident, namely in the organisation and digitalisation of processes, in offering an online service to the academic community and also in the digital skills of the workers.


Project Identification




Project Funding

Total cost: 999,709.77 €

EU financial support: 849,753.31 €

National public financial support: 149,956.46 €


Project Team

João Lobato

Carla Alexandra Santos

Cesario Mota

Liliana Vicente