Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The projects submitted to the Environmental Fund under the PRR and financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU aim to improve the energy efficiency of 20 buildings from various organic units within the Polytechnic University of Coimbra.

With the implementation of these measures, a reduction of approximately 65% in the consumption of primary energy from non-renewable sources is expected, consequently leading to a reduction in the energy bill of the facilities. It will also be possible to reduce the water bill by an average of 50%.

The interventions aim to apply thermal insulation, replace window frames, install intelligent LED lighting, replace HVAC/DHW systems and install high-performance water equipment. With particular emphasis, they will install photovoltaic, thermal, and hybrid solar systems to promote the consumption of renewable energies through self-consumption.

It will also be possible to improve the conditions of the facilities in terms of energy, thermal, water, and indoor air quality, providing better working environments and habitability conditions for students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff in the case of residences.


Total funding amount: €8,923,486.90