GAE – Student Support Office

The IPC Student Support Office (GAE) has the mission of identifying the main difficulties inherent to this process of academic transition, aiming at a successful adaptation of the students of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra and the promotion of their academic success, development and well-being.


With teams composed of social workers, psychologists, students and teachers, the GAE acts, namely, in the following areas of intervention:

Social support (grants, accommodation, food and health)

Psychological support (emotional and interpersonal issues, vocational reorientation)

Pedagogical support (school difficulties, academic issues)

Peer support (integration support, socialisation)


Goals of the EAG:

– To provide technical support throughout the application process for grants and other internal and external social support;

– To support the application process to the SASIPC residences;

– To support students in their psychosocial integration;

– To help students with time management, exam anxiety, study methods and other psycho-pedagogical support;

– To advise and give opinions to the IPC’s Management Bodies concerning situations related to the integration of students; To be the intermediary in the student/school relationship, supporting the clarification/solution of the different problems of a social nature;

– To intervene in cases of possible school dropout;

– To develop continuous studies on early school leaving and monitor the evolution of the factors identified in them.


In the current school year, requests for appointments to attend the GAE should be made preferably by email to the following addresses:








See here the information regarding the Social Workers’ attendance.

IPC GAE Regulation

Setting up of the IPC GAE – Dispatch

General Student Application

The purpose of this document is the submission of requests or clarifications of various kinds.

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