Health & Wellbeing

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The SASIPC, in the area of health, ensures the provision of support by a Psychology and Psycho-pedagogical Support Office, with the aim of promoting the psychological and emotional well-being of students at the Polytechnic of Coimbra.

The team of psychologists at the Office of Psychology and Psychopedagogical Support can help you to cope better with the following situations:

– difficulties in adapting to academic life;

– anxiety in assessment or other situations;

– low academic performance;

– relational or integration difficulties;

– deep sadness, depression or social isolation;

– vocational problems or other queries about courses or apprenticeships;

– situations of stress/phobia or panic attacks;

– eating disorders or sleep problems;

– difficulties in affective relationships, or any other situation that causes you suffering.


Psychology Appointments

  • are free of charge
  • are operating in the Online modality
  • To request a consultation send an e-mail to:


In the Student Support Office (GAE) of each Organic Unit of IPC there is a psychologist that can also be contacted through the following emails:







General Student Application

The purpose of this document is the submission of requests or clarifications of various kinds.

Download from the link below.