Merit-based grant

The grant for academic merit is an incentive that aims to distinguish the best students and to stimulate the commitment of students, ultimately with a view to consolidating quality higher education.

This is a pecuniary benefit, of a fixed value, aimed at students of a CTeSP, graduate or master’s degree who have shown exceptional academic performance, and has an annual value equal to five times the value of the minimum monthly salary in force at the beginning of the academic year in which it is awarded.

A merit-based grant may be awarded to a student who meets all of the following conditions:

– In the academic year prior to the award of the grant, has passed all the curricular units that integrate the study plan of the curricular year in which he/she is enrolled;

– The average grade of the curricular units referred to in the previous point has not been inferior to Very Good (16).

It is up to the legally and statutorily competent body of each higher education institution to select the students to whom the grant is awarded.

More information is available in the Regulations for the Award of Merit Grants to Students of Higher Education Institutions, as amended by Order No. 7761/2017 (Series 2), dated September 4th, 2017.