i2A – Applied Research Institute

The Applied Research Institute (i2A) is the organic research unit of the IPC

The Applied Research Institute (i2A) is the research organic unit of the Polytechnic of Coimbra (IPC). The i2A values excellence, interdisciplinarity, sustainability, cooperation and innovation.

The i2A promotes applied research, knowledge transfer, provision of services and advanced training, fostering interdisciplinarity between fields of knowledge and team aggregation to assert IPC’s scientific research nationally and internationally.

It is a structure transversal to the IPC that ensures the institutional framework of  Research, Development and Innovation activities (R&D+i) for all researchers of the 6 teaching organic units where scientific activity in multiple areas of knowledge is carried out.

The i2A is fully available and open to the community, seeking to give the best coverage and visibility to the work of its researchers and creating solid partnerships with different regional actors, namely SMEs, to obtain innovative solutions and sustainable development.

i2A Resolutions & Statutes



Despacho n.º 8067/2020 | Estatutos do i2A

Despacho n.º 6114/2021 | Homologação das alterações aos Estatutos do i2A

Membros do Conselho Científico do i2A

Despacho n.º 7639/2021 | Nomeação da diretora do i2A

Despacho n.º 9747/2021 | Designação de substituto legal da diretora do I2A

Despachos n.º 10103/2021 e n.º  938/2022 | Delegação de competências na diretora do i2A

Despacho n.º 11076/2021 | Nomeação da subdiretora do i2A

Despacho n.º 322/2022 | Regulamento interno dos serviços do i2A

Despacho n.º 4020/2022 | Delegação de competências no coordenador de serviços do i2A



Rua da Misericórdia, Lagar dos Cortiços – S. Martinho do Bispo
3045-093 Coimbra
Phone: +351 239791250
E-mail:  geral@i2a.ipc.pt
Internet: www.ipc.pt
Coordinates: Latitude 40°12’17.65″N | Longitude 8°27’14.13″W


The Applied Research  Institute (i2A) strives to continuously improve its performance. Help us by sending  your feedback, suggestions or complaints to melhoria@i2a.ipc.pt