Postgraduate Studies in Physical Activity and Play in Childhood

Course Objectives

Postgraduate Studies in Physical Activity and Playing in Childhood is aimed at professionals who seek to increase the value of play and playing in child’s development and well-being, and to technical staff who manage initiatives where physical activity and play, in free time, interaction with others and in natural and recreational spaces, takes place.

Access Conditions

Can apply graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent in the areas of Basic Education, Pre-School Education, Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Elementary Education, Pedagogy, Science and Sport and Physical Education, Psychology and other areas related to Teacher Training, Child Development, Social Sciences, Education and Behavioral; or hold a significant scientific, academic and professional curriculum in the field of Childhood Play and Motricity

Learning Language


Learning Objectives

Develop socio-emotional, cognitive and motor processes and skills and cultivate a praxis of Play in Physical Activity to motivate healthy habits in active children.

Access to Superior Studies

Not applicable.

Course Coordinators

Common Core

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Early Motor Development 20040232 6 1
Popular Toys and Games 20040243 6 1
Seminar 20040257 6 1
Analysis of Motor Behavior 20040296 6 2
Recreation and Play Spaces 20040268 6 2