Welcome to Portugal

Studying in Coimbra is… different. Coimbra is a university city where almost 40,000 young people make their lives every day. Coimbra is the city of knowledge because it creates science that travels the world. The city grew, developed, and it works around its students. They’re the most important thing the city has because its entire economic structure grew for them.

In Coimbra, though it’s a small city with around 150,000 inhabitants, students find safety, entertainment, get-togethers, a good environment, and townsfolk that like to have them around. Here studying, exercising, socialising, and living all mix together, ensuring a stay so pleasant that people can only grow and turn out to be good professionals.

Come to Coimbra, to the Polytechnic of Coimbra, choose one of our courses, one of our schools and build your future here. You can count on us because together we build dreams.



Portugal was awarded the best European tourist destination at the World Travel Awards 2020 for the fourth year running.

It has over 900 km of coastline bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and mild weather that invites you to enjoy its varied landscapes, be they natural reserves, mountain ranges, plains, rivers, or the ocean coast. The sun shines about 276 days a year, highlighting its beauty even more.

In addition, UNESCO recognises more than 20 assets in Portugal as World Heritage, a culture rich in art and traditions, from traditional festivals to monuments and museums, as well as an increasingly active cultural programme.

Portugal is a safe country known for welcoming those who visit, and its cuisine is one of its most recognised attractions among foreigners.



Coimbra is located in the centre coastline of Portugal, next to the Mondego River. Between mountains and sea, with a strong historical, architectural, cultural, and natural heritage, Coimbra is a city of traditions, where academic life is an integral part of the city’s unique essence and, thanks to the dynamics of the student community, it’s peaceful and safe.

Coimbra, with its buildings tied to culture, libraries, and universities and polytechnics, is the city of knowledge. But due to its excellent healthcare facilities, as well as its leisure and sports facilities, it’s also the capital of health.

The public transportation system and the city’s small size make it easy to go anywhere in the city or the rest of the country, namely to airports and beaches.

Five of the Polytechnic schools can be found in Coimbra. Just over half an hour away is the other school in the city of Oliveira do Hospital. It’s located northeast of Coimbra, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela. It’s a city surrounded by unique natural beauty. Living in Oliveira do Hospital means tranquillity and quality of life.