Outgoing Teachers and Staff

Teachers' mobility for teaching assignments (STA)

Teacher mobility is one of the main activities in inter-university cooperation, which aims to contribute to the promotion of the European dimension and quality of Higher Education.

Teacher mobility for teaching purposes has a minimum duration of 2 consecutive days (minimum 8 hours of teaching) and maximum of 2 months. The teaching assignment should take place in a Higher Education Institution with which the IPC has signed an inter-institutional agreement in the respective teaching area.

Staff mobility for training (STT)

Staff mobility for training purposes aims at allowing training activities in European partner institutions or entities/organisations based in one of the Programme Countries.

A training mission lasts from 2 consecutive days (excluding travel days) to 2 months, the usual period being 1 week.


The amounts of the grants to be awarded to the selected teachers/staff are set in accordance with article 17 of the Regulation of the Erasmus+ Programme – Student/teacher/non-teaching staff mobility, and the table of values pre-defined by the Erasmus+ National Agency for each academic year, taking into account the destination country, the duration of the mobility period and the distance “bands” between institutions.

The table of mobility grants in force for the year 2020/2021 is available here


The application is submitted to the UOE to which the teacher/staff belongs, being the responsibility of the respective Erasmus Coordinator the process of selection and seriation of the candidates according to article 13 of the Erasmus+ Regulation – Student/teacher/non-teaching staff mobility. The IRO of the respective School will monitor the process until the implementation of a single online platform for mobility management.

The employees of the Central Services submit their application in a proper form, within the deadlines defined for that purpose, in each academic year, by the Institutional Coordinator of International Relations of the IPC, according to article 6 of the Regulation of the Erasmus+ Programme – Staff Mobility on Training Mission – SC and SAS.