Strategic partnerships

Goal: Exchange of good practices and development and sharing of innovative practices among programme countries

In the area of higher education, Strategic Partnerships must be innovative, that is, they must develop innovative results and/or dissemination and exploitation activities for existing or recently produced products or innovative ideas.

In this context, the Polytechnic of Coimbra participates in the following projects:


Erasmus+ KA2 – RULES_MATH: New Rules for assessing Mathematical Competencies – Project partner

– Teachers Competencies for Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in Early Childood Education under the Erasmus+ programme – Project coordinator

– Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility – Project Partner

– Corporate Social Responsibility – Project Partner

– Sheperds of the XXIst century: increasing professionalism in the managemente of extensive livestock, wildfires and landscape in the era of global change (FireSheperds) – Project Partner