Degree in Trade and Economic International Relations

Course Objectives

The Degree in Trade and International Economic Relations offers a deep and rigorous training of superior level to all those who intend to develop activities linked to the internal and / or external trade. These activities may be private and develop at the level of SMEs, large enterprises or financial institutions, or in the public sphere, in trade promotion institutes, public administration bodies, community organizations or international organizations.

Access Conditions

Secondary school or equivalent and one of the following exams: Mathematics (16) or Economics (04) or Geography (09);
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Professional Outlets

Sales Management and sales teams
Management of commercial and international markets departments
Career in international organizations
Consultancy of public or private offices of international studies
Senior technician in central, regional or local public entities
Commercial / Marketing Manager
Management of logistical and transitory activities

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

This course aims to provide students with essential skills to develop a career in trade and economic
international relations.
So at the end of the degree, the student must:
• Participate in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of action plans and sales and
• Analyze the business environment and conduct prospective studies;
• Raise and manage clients;
• Apply the methods and techniques of business management appropriate to the specific nature of international
trade and the internationalization of Portuguese companies.
• Develop strategies for internationalization, identifying new business opportunities and enabling the deepening
of existing relationships;
• Coordinate, monitor and control the route of a commodity (at the operational level, logistics and
documentation) from the dispatch to the reception in the corresponding destination, to ensure the provision of
quality service and customer excellence.

Access to Superior Studies

A graduate degree allows applying to post-graduate studies.

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Computer Applications for Management 50007757 4 1st S
Financial Mathematics 50004224 5 1st S
International Economic Relations 50007779 5 1st S
Management Accounting 50006610 6 1st S
Services Marketing 50007743 5 1st S
Statistics Applied to Business Sciences 50007966 5 1st S
Business Strategy 50007811 4 2nd S
Consumer Behaviour 50006959 5 2nd S
International Economic Organizations 50007785 5 2nd S
Supply Chain Management 50007796 6 2nd S
Trade and International Economic Negotiation 50007800 6 2nd S
Opção - 2º ano
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Business English 50007833 4 2nd S
European Economics 50007856 4 2nd S
Principles of Corporate Finance 50007844 4 2nd S
Regional and Local Economy 50007822 4 2nd S
Taxation 50003728 4 2nd S
Team Leadership and Management 50006575 4 2nd S

Curricular Year: 3
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Expression and Negotiation Techniques 50007867 5 1st S
Human Resource Management 51000121 5 1st S
International Law 50007955 5 1st S
Management and sales techniques 50007878 6 1st S
Market Research 50007360 5 1st S
Spanish Language I 50004355 4 1st S
Electronic Commerce 50007895 5 2nd S
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 50000763 4 2nd S
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 51001210 4 2nd S
Ethics 50006632 5 2nd S
Internship and Professional Placement 50007901 7 2nd S
Logistics and Vehicle Routing 50007889 5 2nd S
Opção - 3º ano
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Capital Budgeting 50007934 4 2nd S
International Economics 50007502 4 2nd S
Labour Law 50003201 4 2nd S
Quality Management 50007923 4 2nd S
Sales Promotion and Merchandising 50007912 4 2nd S
Spanish Language II 50006558 4 2nd S