Master in Biotechnology

Course Objectives

The Master’s degree in Biotechnology is to train post-graduates with a strong knowledge of modern biotechnology but with a vision especially focused in the productive sectors in the areas of agriculture, the production and processing of foods, biomass and energy, and with the potential for intervention and modernization of these areas.
The organization of this Masters course is indicated in Articles 20 and 23 of Portuguese Law no. 74/2006. Thus, incorporates a specialization course, consisting of an organized set of curricular units (CUs), which is 60% of the total credits of the cycle of studies (72 ECTS). This consists of two components? one general (mandatory) and another of optional character. CUs of optative component allows students to be able to define their training by selecting optional CUs from proposals, acquiring the total number of ECTS credits required. The final part of the degree corresponds to a intership of a professional character that could form the basis of original developments and applications, in many cases in context of a compnany? that is the subject of final report, corresponding to the remaining 40% of ECTS (48 ECTS).

Access Conditions

May apply to this course:
a) The holders of the bachelor degree in fields such as science, engineering, or equivalent?
b) The foreign holders of an academic degree conferred after the first cycle of studies according with the principles of the Bologna process?
c)The holders of an national or foreign academic degree recognized by the Scientific Technical Council as equivalent to the first degree?
d)The holders of a qualifications curriculum recognized by the Scientific Technical Council as an adequate capability to perform this degree.

Professional Outlets

Holders of the Master degree in Biotechnology can:
1.   Work as a Laboratory Technician/Assistant in private or public sectors
2.   Apply for a job in the private sector or government sector
3.   Get a job in Research and Development (R&D)
4.   Get a job in Intellectual Property Research and Patenting
5.   Apply for a Sales Job in Biotech Companies
6.   Become an entrepreneur
7.   Pursue higher studies (PhD) in Biotech and Life Sciences

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Learning Language

Portuguese (PT)English (EN)

Learning Objectives

The master in biotechnology should acquire skills that include expertise in the following areas:
– Growth techniques and use of living organisms, their metabolisms or systems based in those;
– Proficiency in use of modern databases information search;
– The use of computer techniques in association with different fields of knowledge of biotechnology (for exemple, the computational simulation, the detection systems status trough sensors and process control);
– Management and entrepreneurship to encourage the initiation of productive activities;
– The final applications, in areas such as plant and animal growth, food and feed, bioproducts, biomass, bioenergy production, waste recovery and valorisation.

Access to Superior Studies

Holders of the Master’s degree in Biotechnology may apply for a PhD level of studies.

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Biotechnology and Animal science 10006484 5 1st S
Molecular Applied Biotechnology 10006451 5 1st S
Process Modelling 10006473 5 1st S
Separation Technology 10006462 5 1st S
Bioreactors and Biocatalysis 10006586 5 2nd S
Biotechnology and Biomass 10006597 5 2nd S
Management and Entrepreneurship 10006610 5 2nd S
Phytobiotechnology 10006604 5 2nd S
Optativa I - MBiotecnologia
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Genetic Resources Conservation 10006503 5 1st S
Plant Propagation 11000780 5 1st S
Quality Management 10006490 5 1st S
Optativa II - MBiotecnologia
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Biopolymers 10006514 5 1st S
Ecotoxicology 10015767 5 1st S
Optativa III - MBiotecnologia
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Genetic Resources Conservation 10006503 5 1st S
Development of New Products 10006621 5 2nd S
Quality Management and Auditing 10007811 5 2nd S
Optativa IV - Mbiotecnologia
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Quality Management 10006490 5 1st S
Biorefinary 10006632 5 2nd S
Human Health and Nutrition 11000011 5 2nd S

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Bioinformatics 10006767 3 1st Q
Instrumentation and Control 10006778 3 1st Q
Project 10006789 3 1st Q
Professional Traineeship 10006866 48 4th
Optativa V - MBiotecnologia
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Functional Foods 10006795 3 1st Q
Seminars 11000805 3 1st Q