Master in Management Control

Course Objectives

This MSc aims to provide a thorough training, accurate and current in order to develop knowledge and skills to pursue a professional activity in the field of Management Control in companies or institutions.
It has a vocational nature, allowing a professional specialization, where the know-thinking is coupled with know-how in this area crucial for any organization that worry with an effective and efficient management of resources.

With two years of duration, the curricular structure of the Masters integrates two parts:
1. Teaching part (with classes), during five quarters with 15 curricular units (3 in each quarter);
2. Non-teaching part, during three quarters, to do a Project Work or an Internship with professional nature and the final report. During this part, there are also some seminars at ISCAC.

When the student complete all courses of the teaching part, corresponding to 75 credits ECTS, he obtains a Diploma of Specialization in Management Control.
The Diploma of the Master’s degree is achieved when the student approves the public examination of the project work or the final report of the internship.

Access Conditions

Candidates for the Master must have: a) a degree or legal equivalent awarded by a national institution of higher education, preferably in Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance and other related areas; b) foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st. cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a Country acceding to this process, preferably in Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance and other related areas; c) academic degree, domestic or foreign, which is recognized by the Technical-Scientific Board of ISCAC, consistent with the objectives of a degree; d) academic, scientific or professional curriculum, that is recognized by the Technical-Scientific Board of ISCAC, evidence of ability to complete this course.

Professional Outlets

Be a CONTROLLER in a private organization, business or not, or in a public entity, being able to assume different aspects: in all areas of the organization, in the financial department, operational, projects, etc.

OTHER FUNCTIONS where the acquired competences in the Masters are fundamental:
General Director / Administrator / Manager
Operational director
Director of Business Unit or Center of Responsibility
Project Officer / Project Manager

The Master is also recognized for the purpose of progression in the career of professionalized teachers with respect to the recruitment group 430 – Economy and Accounting, under the Administrative Rule no. 344/2008 of April 30

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

This MSc aims to train professionals who meet the needs of organizations in the area of Management Control, contributing to their performance.

This course intends primarily to provide a professional with the following competencies:
1. Understand the value chain for each activity, identifying the key variables that determine its efficiency and effectiveness;
2. Monitor and control the implementation of the organization’s strategy;
3. Design and use conceptual and methodological tools to the planning and control;
4. Ability to design and manage systems of accounting and management control;
5. Understand the operation of the organization in their psychosocial aspect.

Access to Superior Studies

The Master`s degree allows the entry into the third studies cycle which leads to the PhD.

Course Coordinators

Main Branch

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Dissertation 51000507 45 Annual
Internship Report 51000488 45 Annual
Project Work 51000499 45 Annual
Environment and Quality Control Systems 50008879 5 1st Q
Projects Management Control 50008868 5 1st Q
Research Methodologies in Management Control 51000398 5 1st Q