IPC Projects and Scholarships

The i2A has extensive experience in coordinating and participating in Research, Development, and Innovation Projects (R&D+i), involving different national and international programs and funding mechanisms.

This experience has favoured scientific research at the IPC, creating knowledge and, at the same time, highlighting its R&D+i operation areas and enhancing IPC’s projection both in Portugal and in other countries.

At the international level, the Programs Horizon 2020, LIFE and INTERREG POCTEP Portugal – Spain and at a national level, under Portugal 2020, the Support System for Scientific and Technological Research (SAICT), the System of Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI I&DT), and the Rural Development Program (PDR 2020) are prominent. Direct funding by FCT is a reality for some projects, as well as at the level of the R&D Units based in the institution.

The i2A also regularly disseminates various funding opportunities concerning R&D+i and promotes IPC researchers’ formation and training for project presentation.

Ensuring a strong alignment with the National and European Strategies for R&D+i, the IPC as a polytechnic institution is highly committed to accomplishing its main mission regarding its R&D+i activity with the utmost rigour and professionalism.

The Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra recognizes the principle of gender equality relevance as a principle of citizenship and social justice, seeking to achieve effective equal treatment, opportunities and participation. As a means to promote and implement non-discrimination based on gender, the IPC has approved the CHARTER OF PRINCIPLES FOR GENDER EQUALITY OF THE POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF COIMBRA.