Poliempreende is the largest network for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Portuguese polytechnic higher education.

Its goals are:

– Promote an entrepreneurial culture, stimulating creativity, innovation, initiative and teamwork skills;

– Educating/training for entrepreneurship;

– To promote the transfer of technology and knowledge between academia and the business world;

– To foster the creation of new innovative companies.

The Poliempreende Competition encompasses a regional and a national phase.

In the regional phase, the Polytechnic of Coimbra promotes a set of initiatives (awareness sessions on entrepreneurship, creativity/innovation and idea generation, capacity building workshops for the preparation of the business plan and mentoring) that culminate with the regional competition. The winning project (1st place) at the Polytechnic of Coimbra will compete at national level with the winners found in the other partners of the network.

Target Audience:

– Polytechnic students;

– Polytechnic graduates;

– Polytechnic teachers/researchers, as well as other individuals, as long as they are part of teams composed of polytechnic students and/or graduates.