The Student Association of ESTeSC (AE-ESTeSC) is created in 1992, still at the Technical School of Health Services of Coimbra, actively participating in the struggle for the integration of the school in Polytechnic Higher Education, which after its inclusion assumes its current denomination.

The history of the association was marked by the position in favour of maintaining the school’s management and administration model and the awarding of the degree to the courses taught there. In 2004, with the aim of protecting the professions, it organised a demonstration in favour of reducing the number of vacancies and schools in the area of health, demanding strict supervision and evaluation. In 2016, AEESTeSC was once again at the forefront, demanding a reduction in the deadline for issuing the professional licenses for the merged courses, which are necessary for the exercise of the profession.

On the scientific side, AEESTeSC regularly promotes training and recreational initiatives, the most important of which is the Week of Applied Sciences (SCAS), an activity that encompasses the entire academic community and has as its main objective raising the population’s awareness to issues related to public health and the dissemination of the areas of activity of the courses taught.


Chairman of the Board: Patrícia Vieira


Telephone: 239 402 830