Where to practice

Soon in #action!

We are working on protocols to facilitate access to fitness or performance sport, in conjunction with clubs and communities close to each school.

As part of the ongoing actions of IPC’s Sports Office, we are carrying out a survey of all existing protocols and/or models of relationship with other sports practice subsystems which are currently the main “vehicle” of access to the practice of physical and sportive activity by IPC’s students, teachers and staff, both among the management of Organic Units and among Student Associations.

The aim of this action is to strengthen our negotiating capacity, as an institution with more than 10,000 potential practitioners of physical and sporting activity, through protocols with all local sports organisations (Sports Clubs, Gymnasiums, Local Authorities and other sports agents).

This strategic positioning, through the creation of protocols in which we are together, as IPC, will allow the extension to all students, teachers and employees, of more and better access to the practice of regular physical and sporting activity, besides the development of other actions of specific character.