Àcorda - Traditional Portuguese String Instruments Meeting

Project Summary

This project has a unique characteristic: it is set to be an annual public event dedicated to traditional Portuguese cordophones.

Its main goal is to draw the attention of the public in general – and the academics in particular – to the interest and urgency of reviving a large part of the traditional Portuguese chordophones, promoting the preservation of traditional knowledge regarding instrumental musical practices, the construction of musical instruments and the conservation of repertoires. It is this major objective of Safeguarding, recommended by the UNESCO Convention, that the event aims to achieve.

This project aims to give voice to one of the instruments that has been most affected by the lack of incentive to its practice: the viola toeira, an instrument characteristic of the Coimbra area and one of the most complex traditional Portuguese violas both in construction and execution. On the other hand, it proposes to promote the preservation of the practice of traditional Portuguese music especially related to Portuguese string instruments and its dissemination.

At the end of each year, an assessment is made: of the promoters’ work, of the results of research by other groups. And, also, feasibilities are projected in order to make the public share the beauty of the traditional chordophones and their sounds and, consequently, have a preponderant role in their safeguard.

It is therefore important to continue this annual public event which is, at the same time, the public demonstration of the work. Àcorda – Meeting of Traditional Portuguese Cordophones presents a defined and permanent structure, mostly practical:

– presentation of the annual theme;
– discussion, based on visited and revisited experiences (live, on film or sound recordings or other supports

performative component;
– workshops on luthiery and musical practice; –
musical concerts under the motto “A toeira convida…”.


Main partners


Other partners


Nuclear Team

  • Filipe Themudo Barata (UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How/CIDEHUS)
  • Natália Albino Pires (UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How/IPC)
  • Cristina Faria (IPC/CESEM)
  • Avelino Correia (ESE- IPC/INET-md – NOVA FCSH)
  • Rui Paulo Simões (IPC)
  • Manuel Rocha (Coimbra Conservatory of Music)


Other team members

  • César Nogueira (IPC)
  • Rosário Pestana (INET-md Aveiro)
  • Rui Marques (INET-md Aveiro)


  • 10/10/2020 -ÀCORDA – 3rd Meeting of Traditional Portuguese Cordophones held at the Penedo da Saudade Cultural Centre
  • Programme | Poster


  • 02/06/2019 – ÀCORDA – 2nd Meeting of Traditional Portuguese Cordophones held at the Water Museum of Coimbra
  • Programme | Poster


  • 05/10/2018 – ÀCORDA – 1st Meeting of Traditional Portuguese Cordophones held at Conservatório de Música de Coimbra
  • Programme | Poster