Permanent Artistic Activities

Artistic Activities

The programme of action of the presidency of the Polytechnic of Coimbra includes the offer of spaces, open to the entire community of this Institute, for the artistic practice of its members (students and teaching and non-teaching staff) and the civil community. These spaces are guided by accredited trainers and their attendance is free of charge. It only requires that, once enrolled, the participants are assiduous.

Currently there are six activities open, covering the areas of choral music, dance, theatre and plastic arts:

  • – Choir
  • – Hip Hop Dance
  • – Ballroom Dancing
  • – Design
  • – Coimbra Song Group
  • – Theatre


Students, if they wish and request it, may benefit from the Statute of Student Artistic Activity Practitioner.

In the Artistic Activities brochure, you can find updated information about the permanent artistic activities available to all members of the internal and external community of the Polytechnic of Coimbra: teachers, non-teaching staff and students, as well as their timetables.