Academic Life

Coimbra and its academic life are inseparable. When we talk about Coimbra, we also talk about a unique academic tradition and experience. It is to the students that Coimbra owes much of its dynamic and animation. In this city you live an experience full of joy and tradition marked by the academic festivals and processions – the Queima das Fitas and the Festa das Latas and Imposição de Insignias – events which take on a special symbolism in the different stages of each student’s journey. Studying in Coimbra means living in a large student community and sharing an incomparable academic environment.

Characterised by the noise of the cans and the week of concerts that fill Praça da Canção, the Festa das Latas e Imposição de Insigníias is the first academic festival, which marks the arrival of the new students. Its high point is the procession, where the “freshmen” parade in costumes chosen by their “godfathers” and pass satirical and critical messages to society through posters. The end of the parade route is in the Mondego River, in whose waters the “godfathers” baptise their “freshmen” or “godchildren”.

Queima das Fitas is the students’ festival par excellence, and is considered by many to be the biggest student event that takes place in Portugal. In May, the Monumental Serenade kicks off the week that takes students to Praça da Canção, where for several nights there are concerts by various artists, bands and musical groups.

Also during Queima das Fitas there is a procession in which the students parade on floats decorated with the colours of each higher education establishment.
The students of the Polytechnic of Coimbra are invited by the Academy to actively participate in these moments which, from a very early age, are the great and visible expression of the academic spirit.