Emergency Support (A2Es)

The Student Emergency Support (A2ES) represents a social support measure promoted through the SASIPC, which aims to complement the various formats of direct and indirect social support, granting pecuniary support to students enrolled and registered at the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC), in order to overcome occasional situations arising from unexpected economic difficulties with a negative impact on their academic performance.


– support students who are economically disadvantaged and who are committed to completing their degree;

– combating early school drop-out;

– to promote success at school;

– contribute to the consolidation of the school pathway and stimulate the reinforcement of students’ academic qualifications.


Support – the support given to students may take the following forms:

– the payment of the tuition fee instalments;

– the payment of monthly accommodation fees;

– the provision of meals;

– the support of public transport;

– the reimbursement of unavoidable health expenses;

– other support in emergency situations.


The emergency support is granted by the SASIPC, either in a non-refundable way or as a loan, totally or partially, depending on the per capita income of the student’s family household and the nature of the application.



REGULATION No._886/2019, published in the Official Gazette No. 220, of November 15th, 2019

Support Request

Applications for A2ES support are submitted by filling in the following form:

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