Computer Social Support Programme (PASI)

The IT Social Support Programme (PASI) is a support programme for students at the Polytechnic of Coimbra, focusing on rapid access to computer equipment for students who do not have the financial conditions to acquire it and that it’s fundamental for their academic pathway, based on the principle of lending computer equipment and materials, encouraging their reuse and sustainability.

The goals of the PASI are:

– to support students, with priority to those who are economically disadvantaged, through the loan of computer equipment and material;

– to fight drop-outs and promoting success at school;

– to contribute to the consolidation of the school pathway and stimulate the reinforcement of students’ academic qualifications.


Students who present a situation of socio-economic need in their family household or those who, due to an emergency situation, find themselves temporarily without a computer will be eligible for PASI.

Applications may be submitted using the form that, once filled out, should be sent to The granting of support will require the signing of a Loan Agreement.


Consult the PASI Regulation