Bachelor in Finance and Accounting

Course Objectives

The degree in Finance and Accounting intends to confer a deep and rigorous formation that allows students to develop techniques to deal and work in this area. Based in a set of diverse subjects, this plan of studies offers, in a daily base, a global perception of how a company works offering to the undergraduates the opportunity to choose among a huge range of professional activities. Apart from a solid formation directly related with the area of the Accounting which is essential in the enterprise world, this degree offers the basic abilities in the analysis, evaluation and management of the businesses that allows to identify weak and strong points, and therefore potential opportunities of investment, supported by the most modern methodologies and instruments of planning and financial control acting together with the systems of information for management.

Access Conditions

Secondary school or equivalent and one of the following exams: Mathematics (16) or Economics (04) or Geography (09); The information provided does not exempt the consultation to the page of the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) and / or the page of the Candidates. Consult DGES website and Candidates

Professional Outlets

Financial Director / Manager of Companies
Accounting and Tax Consultant
Bank officer
Financial Asset Portfolio Manager
Investment Analysis and Business Risk Consultant
Insurance Technician

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

This course intends to endow the pupils with the essential abilities required to the development of a
professional career in the area of Finance and Accounting. The student must have the ability to:
integrate knowledge and develop solutions that respect ethical , social and environmental principles; clearly communicate ways of thinking and conclusions; understand the organizations and the policies of the distinct functional areas; design the accounting organization, elaborate and interpret financial, accounting and taxes reports; apply the law of the enterprise right; know extremely well the Portuguese and the international financial system; analyze, formulate, implement the strategy and manage the financial risks that may affect the organizations; understand the impact of the information systems in the business processes; identify the ownership structure and understand the economic nature of human relations; develop skills that allow the self – learning.

Access to Superior Studies

The graduate degree allows the students to apply for Post-graduate

Course Coordinators

Main Branch

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Business Law 51000593 4 1st S
Financial Mathematics 50004224 5 1st S
Financial Reporting and Accountability 51000608 4 1st S
Introduction to Financial Institutions Management 51000619 5 1st S
Management Accounting 50006610 6 1st S
Statistics Applied to Business Sciences 50004241 6 1st S
Consumption and Wealthy Taxation 51000653 5 2nd S
Corporate Finance I 51000647 5 2nd S
Financial and Investment Markets 51000636 5 2nd S
Insurance and Pension Funds 51000625 5 2nd S
Portfolio Management and Performance Valuation 51000664 6 2nd S
Opção I
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Accounting for Corporate Restructuring 51000670 4 2nd S
Futures and Options 51000681 4 2nd S
Government Accounting 50001646 4 2nd S

Curricular Year: 3
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Corporate Accounting 51000692 6 1st S
Corporate Finance II 51000737 5 1st S
Financial Auditing and Control 51000726 5 1st S
Income Taxation 51000709 5 1st S
Management Control Systems 50000791 4 1st S
Stock Market 51000715 6 1st S
Appraisal Projects of Investment 51000763 5 2nd S
Bond Market 51000752 6 2nd S
Corporate Valuation Models 51000748 4 2nd S
Ethics 50006632 5 2nd S
Traineeship 50003783 5 2nd S
Opção II
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Business Combinations and Consolidated Statements 51000780 4 2nd S
Complements of Corporate Finance 51000774 4 2nd S
Public Finance 50001654 4 2nd S