Bachelor in General Solicitor and Administration

Course Objectives

To provide a solid theoretical and competence skills in Law for the professional exercise, inter-disciplinary with other areas of knowledge; training professionals with solid scientific knowledge in the legal sciences and complementary sciences, enabling them to practice as a Solicitor and the exercise of professional duties in public and private institutions; provide the knowlegde base (mindsets) in pursuit of a lifelong learning independently, with a sense of ethics /morality rooted enough, given the prominent role of social Solicitors; provide a level of knowledge that allows them to progress to a second cycle of studies: Master’s; provide a level of expertise that enables them to progress to an advanced level of training: Postgraduate; provide professional skills as a forum for the integration into working life in the areas of the law profession, enforcement agents, mediation, notary and registry, judicial system, public administration (including judicial and fiscal administration) and business administration and management.

Access Conditions

Secondary school or equivalent and one of the following exams: Economy (04) or History (11) or Geography (09) The information provided does not exempt the consultation to the page of the General Directorate of Higher Education (DGES) and / or the page of the Candidates. Consult DGES website and Candidates.

Professional Outlets

Solicitor (independent exercise or through the constitution of a company of solicitors) Execution Agent Legal Advisor Insolvency Administrator Banking and Insurance Private Notary Advisor Public Administration (Central and Local) Land Registry and Civil Registry Asset Management and Inheritance Business litigation Mediator (public and private) in the area of the family, criminal Mediator in the Peace Courts Direction of Legal Department and Human Resources of Companies Position of Secretary of Commercial Companies Integration in Public Administration

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Learning Language

Portuguese Language.

Learning Objectives

The Degree in Solicitadoria and Administration aims to provide a compete and rigorous understanding that allows the development of scientific and technical knowledge to all that will work in the areas of the law profession, enforcement agents, mediation, notary and registry, judicial system, public administration (including judicial and fiscal administration) and business administration and management. The course structure is composed of courses shared with the other licence degrees, all in the first year, and specific courses necessary for all the professional possibilities offered by the degree. Classes are with the presence of the studens and are taught at ISCAC, with computer classes ocurring in computer rooms. The licencee degree is obtained by the completion of all the courses of the degree, confering a diploma/certificate.

Access to Superior Studies

The graduate degree allows the students to apply for Post-graduate or a Masters Degree.

Course Coordinators

Tronco comum

Curricular Year: 1
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Accounting I 50001809 5 1st S
Contemporary Constitutional Law 50007559 5 1st S
European Law 50006372 5 1st S
Introduction to Economics 50003378 4 1st S
Introduction to the Study of Law 50003159 5 1st S
Topics of Mathematics and Statistics 50007565 6 1st S
Civil Law General Theory 50003212 5 2nd S
Commercial and Societies Law 50001424 6 2nd S
General Theory of Administrative Law 50007587 5 2nd S
Introduction to Management 50003255 4 2nd S
IT 50003187 6 2nd S
Technical English - Juridical 50007598 4 2nd S

Curricular Year: 2
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Civil Procedure Law 50003479 6 1st S
Deontology and Solicitorship History 50003537 4 1st S
Labour Law 50003201 4 1st S
Property Law 50003421 5 1st S
Public Finance 50001660 5 1st S
Topics of Financial Calculus 50007603 6 1st S
Accounting II 50002030 6 2nd S
Familiy Law 50007614 4 2nd S
Law of Obligations and Contracts 50007631 6 2nd S
Negotiation and Conflict Management 50001296 4 2nd S
Tax Law 50003509 6 2nd S
Opção I
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Computer Law 50003020 4 2nd S
Right Lease and Condominium 50007642 4 2nd S
Team Leadership and Management 50006575 4 2nd S

Curricular Year: 3
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Administrative Law Offences 50007686 4 1st S
Corporate Finance 50002549 5 1st S
Internal Audit and Control 50000341 4 1st S
Practice Solicitors 50007697 6 1st S
Registration Law 50007675 5 1st S
Taxation 50003739 6 1st S
Law Enforcement 50007710 5 2nd S
Law of Guarantees Administered 50007721 5 2nd S
Law of Succession and Inventory Process 50007704 4 2nd S
Notary Law 50007732 4 2nd S
Traineeship 50003794 8 2nd S
Opção II
Curricular Unit Code ECTS Period
Insolvency Law 50007658 4 2nd S
International Taxation 50001693 4 2nd S
Legal Protection of Consumers 50007669 4 2nd S