Physical incubation

The physical incubation modality foresees the availability of a space for independent use, duly infrastructed with electric power, voice and data communication networks, climatization system and furniture.

The incubated companies also have access to common spaces (pantry, meeting room and training room), a set of basic services (reception, internet, cleaning and security) and specialized technical support, among others.

INOPOL has physical incubation spaces with areas between 12m2 and 30m2.


Price table (per month)

Spaces 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd and 4th Year
12-15 m2 125,00€ 150,00€ 175,00€
16-20 m2 150,00€ 175,00€ 200,00€
21-25 m2 175,00€ 200,00€ 225,00€
26-30 m2 200,00€ 225,00€ 250,00€

The VAT in effect at the time will be added to these prices.