INOPOL Entrepreneurship Academy is an organisational unit of the Polytechnic of Coimbra whose mission is to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and to foster the creation and growth of new startup and spinoff companies with a scientific basis and innovative nature.

In the pursuit of its mission, INOPOL acts in different complementary fields, namely:

– Promoting knowledge enhancement and technology transfer;

– Strengthening the link between the scientific and technological environment and the community, particularly the business world;

– Fostering integration in networks, consortia and projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation.

– Providing support during the nascent phase of new innovative business projects.

– Providing physical and virtual incubation services.

The spin-off companies from the Polytechnic of Coimbra and start-up companies with strong links to academia are a priority, either through students, graduates, teachers and researchers, or through co-promoted R&DT projects.


Video presentation INOPOL Academy of Entrepreneurship