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Fidori SATHE 2017 Presentation Film

  SATHE 2016 Higher Education Without Borders report (October 26th, 2016)

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  • Sathe Report 2015 New audiences, new practices in Higher Education (October 26th, 2015)

Photographic Record

  • This series is based on the individual testimonies of some IPC teachers (which can be viewed on the IPC CINEP YouTube channel)


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Student support

Some students have academic difficulties related to study methods, time management, stress control in assessments, anxiety, etc. Often these problems can be solved with small behavioural strategies, such as the ones we describe in the attached support sheets. Use these sheets as support materials for your students. Suggest them to visit this page or include the pdf documents in the page of the curricular units you teach.

Literacy skills – avoiding plagiarism.pdf

Literacy skills – oral presentations.pdf

Information Literacy Skills – knowing how to evaluate information effectively

Literacy skills-curriculum vitae.pdf

Managing stress in assessment/ examinations

Studying for exams

Time management

Steps to academic success

Study techniques

Active reading techniques

How to take notes


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