Quality policy

The Polytechnic of Coimbra assumes, through its QMS, a policy of quality and continuous improvement in all its activities, committing itself, as such, to:

– Promote a culture of quality across its mission axes: teaching and learning, research, community engagement and internationalisation;

– Encouraging the involvement and active participation of relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, in the running of the institution, namely in the definition and design of procedures and processes;

– Continuously listen to the needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders, seeking to increase their satisfaction;

– Seek transparency in all activities carried out within the scope of the QMS;

– Promote an institutional culture of quality and self-accountability based on regular self-assessment and subsequent monitoring of improvement implementation;

– Guarantee the necessary conditions for the updating of the QMS and its certification by the benchmarks and standards established as reference for the establishment of the QMS;

– Ensure that weaknesses and opportunities are identified, considered and controlled, increasing the effectiveness of the QMS and achieving better institutional results.