Sustainable water consumption

Water is a vital but increasingly scarce resource. In this sense, the Polytechnic of Coimbra is committed to the responsibility of protecting it, having already implemented a series of sustainability measures related to water consumption:


– Gradual replacement of washbasin taps with others with flow reduction capacity (with sensor and/or pre-set timer) in some of the Institution’s premises;

– Placing stickers next to taps in some of the Institution’s premises, appealing to the adoption of good water saving practices and reinforcing the impact that these small gestures can have on the life of the Planet;

– Rationalisation of consumption associated with irrigation, by reprogramming watering times, duration and frequency;

– Awareness-raising, information and training actions.



Environmental impact of the implemented measures 
– Reduction of drinking water consumption, supplied by the network.
– Adoption of good water saving practices.