IPC cycling

The Polytechnic of Coimbra (IPC) is aware of its role in society, being attentive to issues related to environmental sustainability and quality of life of the populations, namely the evolution of environmental policies of the European Union, in which particular emphasis is given to urban mobility policies, namely transport systems and their impacts on the environment.

The project “IPC pedalling” arose with the aim of implementing and adopting more environmentally friendly behaviours, in favour of a better environmental health and, naturally, a better quality of life, promoting a more sustainable mobility.

The ideas contest: Sustainable Urban Mobility for a Better Environmentis promoted by IPC with the purpose of choosing a name for the bicycles to be made available to the IPC academic community under the project “IPC pedalling”. The proposals should be submitted through the electronic form, available here.



Rodrigo Mendes

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Rodrigo Mendes">