Sustainable Mobility

Mobility needs have grown a lot. Mobility continues to be a fundamental requirement for improving people’s quality of life and is also a factor in progress and economic development.

This era has been marked by the use of individual motorised transport and the non-use of public transport. The atmospheric consequences have been serious. In terms of pollution, the transport sector is the one with the highest growth rate in terms of carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

In this sense, if we can move in a sustainable way, so much the better, and, therefore, the Polytechnic of Coimbra has been developing a series of measures promoting sustainable mobility:

– Provision of seven electric vehicle charging stations, one in each Organic Teaching Unit and another in the Central Services, which became operational in August 2019 and are part of the MOBI.E network, in an action financed by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of Environment;

– Awareness/information/training actions, through a partnership with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), within the scope of the “For a country with good air” campaign, encouraging people to travel by soft means (walking or cycling) or more environmentally friendly means of transport: public transport and low-emission vehicles.


Environmental impact of the measures implemented

– Reducing fossil fuel consumption;

– Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants;

– Improvement of air quality.