Bachelor in Tourism

Course Objectives

– Promote a solid theoretical and practical training in seeking the several stages of tourtistic sector;
– Articulate a consistent scientific training with a technical training, appropriate to the competencies of the different professional profiles;
– Establishing a connection between academic training and the labor market demands seeking the improvment of tourism sector;
– Promote a conciliation between scientific training and professional skills, seeking the developmento of interpersonal relationships leading self-education and lifelong training;
– Improve the student’s exchange through international mobility programmes, aiming the promotion of different degrees in tourism;
– Encourage the entrepreneurship as a specific way to the application of knowledge and innovation in the tourism sector.

Access Conditions

Access to the course is through the following schemes:
a) National Acess Application (for candidates with a course of secondary education or equivalent degree);
b ) Special Applications (for candidates who fulfill the conditions issued in Decree 393 -A / 99 of 2 October);
c ) Special Applications (for candidates with: Above 23 years old candidates Evidences, college graduates and Technological specialization courses – CET);
d ) Change of Degree/Institution.
The specific evidence required for access to the degree are one of the following: Geography/ Economy/ Portuguese

Professional Outlets

Public Institutes, General Directorates, Regional Directorates,
Regional Coordination and Development Commissions, Municipalities,
Tourism Offices,,
Development Associations
Tourist Animation Companies, Consulting Companies
Event Management Companies
Tour Operators and Travel Agency;
Accommodation Sector

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Learning Language


Learning Objectives

Promoting a solid theoretical and practical tourism training as an intervention in different phases of the Tourism Industry
Articulate a scientific training consistent with an adequate technical training to the areas of competencies defined for the different professional profiles
Establish a link between academic training and the demands of the labor market in order to stimulation of tourism sector through innovative dynamics
To promote reconciliation between the scientific and professional skills training and promoting interpersonal relationships leading to the expression of attitudes of openness to projects of self-education and training throughout life
Enhance the exchange of learning through international mobility programs aimed at promoting openness to other realities of tourism training.

Access to Superior Studies

The Diploma in Tourism grants qualification to continue studies in a Master Degree.

Course Coordinators

Common Core