Pedagogical Innovation – Learning based on co-creation processes


This project is part of the promotion of actions aimed at providing teachers of polytechnic and professional higher education with competences in pedagogical innovation methodologies, with a view to improving quality and promoting innovation in the education system.



– To train for the creation and strengthening of innovation ecosystems to be implemented within the educational process, through the facilitation of projects involving students and companies/organisations in the joint resolution of challenges or real problems of these entities;

– To train in the use of co-creation and innovation methodology;

– To enable the participation and leadership of multidisciplinary teams of students in solving real challenges or problems.



1st action: January to June 2021 | Online format

344 hours (192 synchronous and 152 asynchronous hours)



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POCH-04-5267-FSE-000816 – FICHA DO PROJETO